Make managing your business easier by paying your bills electronically.

  • Pay bills online, 24 hours a day.
  • Set up recurring payments or one-time payments.
  • Add new payees at anytime.
  • Track payment history.
  • Dual signature accounts.
  • Bill payment reminders.
  • Payee categorization.
  • Pending payment calendar.

ePay Business

ePay Business online services allow you to spend more time focusing on the growth of your business and less time on paperwork. And time - as we all know - is money! ePay Business is the bill payment solution for your small business. Flexible, convenient, and oh-so-much faster than issuing all those checks! See how easy online bill pay can be.

Users of ePay Business will be assessed a fee of $10 per month for the first 20 bills paid per month. There will be a fee of $0.50 for each bill in excess of 20 per month.

Regulated by the State of Montana Division of Banking and Financial Services and the Federal Reserve Bank