Additional Services

Enhance your cash flow, increase your earnings and best of all save time with our innovative services designed to make managing your business easier.

Earn interest while keeping cash funds liquid. Each day, excess funds in your business checking account are automatically swept daily into an interest-based account, allowing you to maximize your revenue and enjoy check writing without managing your daily account balances.
Eliminate lag time. With this service you only need one day advanced notice to send and receive preauthorized payment transaction files.
Direct deposit services, employee participation programs and Health Savings Accounts can benefit you and your employees.
eZ Deposit utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. With it, you can scan checks and make deposits electronically, anytime day or night. This electronic check depositing service removes paper from the check clearing process, reducing the cost of payment processing, accelerating check clearing and funds availability, and maximizing cash flow for your business. It's the fastest way to turn check deposits into cash. We provide your business with a desktop check scanner and web-based software to give you the freedom to scan and electronically deposit check payments to your account.
We have solutions to help allow your business to accept all major credit cards as well as debit cards.
Enjoy more convenience and purchasing power with our MasterCard® Business Debit Card and Elan Business Credit Cards.**

Cash Management ROI Calculators

Every business solution offered by First Montana Bank saves your business time and money -- and that's not something you have to take our word for. This suite of calculators will take your real-world numbers and calculate the Return On Investment your company can expect to achieve. Click here to calculate your potential savings.

  • ** Subject to approval.
  • 2 Repurchase agreement funds not FDIC insured.